January 17, 2021

“Your Word is a Lamp to my Feet and a Light for my Path”

Passage: Psalm 119:1-8, 105-112
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Psalm 119 is a long meditation on the Law of God. As we consider its teaching, let’s remember
that we do not earn our way into God’s favor by keeping the Law. We are saved by grace,
through faith, in Christ alone. This truth stands at the center of our Reformed theology and the
Bible itself. God always comes to us because God loves us in Christ and we would never on our
own go to him. There is not a single example in the whole Bible of someone choosing of their
own freewill to go to God for forgiveness and grace. Reformed theology gets this right. We
need God to come to us in his grace. So, what is the purpose of the Law that is spoken about
with such high and lofty words in Psalm 119? Why do we need to hear the Commands of God
which some people say have been replaced by Christ?
Because salvation is more than being “saved for heaven”. We are saved for New Life in a New
Creation that has now come in Christ. When we live in obedience to the Law we are showing
gratitude for salvation. Our lives become less self-centered and more God-centered. Psalm 119
and the Word of God calls us to holiness. We live before the face of God as Kingdom citizens
who know Christ as our Savior and Lord. This psalm calls us to live a full life within the wisdom
of God.