October 11, 2020

Your Faith Has Made You Well

Passage: Luke 17:11-19
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Our reading today from Luke 17:11-19 is about a person who receives a saving relationship with Christ who heals his disease and restores him to all of life. When this happens, he is thankful. As we celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, can we learn something from the person at the center of this story? We can, if we listen carefully. In these strange times it might not seem we have a lot for which to be thankful. A tiny, invisible virus has taken its toll. Family gatherings are restricted, events have been cancelled, government grows bigger, freedom becomes smaller, and anxiousness, fear and anger seem to be the only uniting forces in our society. For what do we have to be thankful? Perhaps more than we think! This year, more than in previous ones, we need to remember what and who stands at the center of our thankfulness.