February 28, 2021

“The Throne Room of God”

Passage: Revelation 4, Revelation 5
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The book of Revelation begins as a letter from the apostle John to seven churches in the
province of Asia. After the opening vision in Chapter 1, the seven churches are addressed in
seven individual letters in Chapters 2-3. The themes may vary from church to church, but the
central message is the same: Jesus Christ is not dead, silent or absent from his Church. Christ
sits on the throne of the universe as he speaks his Word of grace and peace through the
revelation that is now given. In our reading today from Revelation 4-5, the vision bursts forth
with even more brilliance as John is invited into the throne room of God. There he sees and
hears more than we could ever ask for or imagine.
It’s easy to get lost in the book of Revelation. It’s full of strange pictures, creatures, numbers,
and events that are hard to comprehend. Is this a book of Science Fiction? Is it a playbook for
the end of the world? A book of Codes? Is it the gospel of Jesus Christ? Ultimately, it all
proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ: crucified, risen, and Lord over all of creation. As God’s
people we rest in this good news. The chaos of the world will never overcome the certainty of
Christ’s victory over sin and death and that is the main point of everything written in the book
of Revelation.