October 18, 2020

The Lord has Worked Salvation

Passage: I Samuel 11:1-15
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A tall, handsome man name Saul has muddled his way to the top. The man who was searching for some lost donkeys has found a kingdom. When this shy, and rather incompetent man was finally revealed the people say, “Long live the king!” However, aside from all this, Saul hasn’t said or done anything of significance. He was anointed in a private act by the prophet Samuel, revealed to the people while hiding among the baggage and then sent home at the end of our reading the last time. What is the purpose for revealing a king only to have that king go home to the family farm and away from the people he is supposed to lead?

On another note, as we read stories in the Old Testament where the people of God engage in warfare and violence, it can make us uncomfortable. It should. How can these narratives lead us to the gospel of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom? Does being a Christian mean we are called to violence and warfare in some kind of Christian “jihad”, a Christian “holy war”? No. Crusades, war, violence – they bring shame to the gospel of Christ. I Samuel 11 is not a call to arms. In light of the coming of Christ, we hear a call to the Kingdom of God that has already been established. The battle is over and the final act of war has taken place at the cross of Jesus Christ where our Lord has won a total victory over the enemy. His resurrection and ascension to the throne of the universe has launched us into a new way of living in love, grace, and truth. The victory is ours because Christ has won.