September 27, 2020

Looking for Donkeys; Finding a Kingdom

Passage: 1 Samuel 9 to 10:1
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In our reading today from I Samuel 9 we are taken on a journey with a young man and his servant who are looking for some lost donkeys. They never find them. However, in the end, the donkey seeker will find a kingdom!

The story of Saul’s anointing to be king of Israel is not an account of a man who through struggle and hard work rose to the top and became a great leader of his people. What happens in I Samuel 9 is so ridiculous that it should never have been remembered by anyone. And yet, this man who cannot find the donkeys is given a destiny beyond anything he could ever have imagined for himself. How does this happen? It happens because the Sovereign One, the God who calls us to be his own, is at work in the ordinary matters of life. Saul will become the first king over the people of Israel because the “Word of the Lord” (I Samuel 9:27) will make it happen.