April 2, 2021

Following Jesus: A Sign on a Cross

Passage: John 19:17-42
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The excitement and the love shown to Jesus on Palm Sunday is over. Religious enthusiasm is never a great indicator of spiritual revival and after Palm Sunday comes Good Friday. In our gospel readings we have been follow Jesus to the cross. There we see the Son of God hanging God-forsaken and on display for the whole world. Many people never make it this far. The crowds that lined the street to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem with waving palm branches are mostly gone. Many who were excited about his miracles and somewhat interested in his teaching are gone. It’s not easy to follow Jesus because if you’re going to be a fully devoted follower of the Christ, then you must come to this place and it’s not nice. The full weight of sin in all its ugliness is on display for all to see. Following Jesus isn’t just about enthusiasm. It’s very
raw and real. John 19:19 says, “Pilate had a notice prepared and fastened to the cross. It read: JESUS OF
NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JEWS.” This is the Voice of God. This “Sign on the Cross” is for all
the world to see and it proclaims Jesus is the “King of the Jews”. What Pilate intended to be a final insult to the Jewish mob who had forced him into executing a man he did not think was worth his time, proclaims a glorious truth. Jesus is King. In Christ the Kingdom of God has come. Those who follow Jesus will see a Man on the cross who is King and by this cross his Kingdom has come to all the world.