January 24, 2021

“All in his temple cry, “Glory!”

Passage: Psalm 29
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In the words of the psalms we hear the liturgy of the Church. In this series of sermons from the psalms we have heard a “Call to Worship” from Psalm 95, words of “Confession and Assurance of Pardon” from Psalm 51, and last week we heard “God’s Will for our lives” from Psalm 119. In this liturgy of the psalms, God comes near to us and we come to know the Creator and Redeemer of the universe. As such, we come to know God in Jesus Christ through whom all things were made and by whom all things are made new.

After hearing the word of forgiveness and God’s will for our lives in Jesus Christ, the congregation is then ready to hear God speak through his Word. We are ready for the Sermon. In worship we come to listen to voice of the Lord who makes himself known and heard through his Word and Holy Spirit. In the preaching of the Word, we hear the voice of the God. In so far as the message proclaimed is in accordance with the revealed Word of God which is inspired by the Holy Spirit, we hear the Voice of God. Today we have read from Psalm 29 in order to understand better what it means to hear the Voice of God.