Youth Education Program

Faith Formation Classes-High School

A new season is upon us and once again we look forward to our “Faith Formation” nights with our youth. The format for this coming season is similar to last year. We will meet every other Wednesday starting at 6:30 pm for pizza and conversation. After this we will engage together in our lesson for the evening. We should conclude around 8:15 pm.

As part of the on-going transition at Living Hope from Sunday School to Explorers and then Faith Formation classes, this year we will not have a separate Grade 7/8 class on Wednesday nights. Grade 7 has been added into the Explorers class on Sunday mornings and by next year we also hope to have grade 8 added to that program. Current grade 8 students are welcome to attend Faith Formation, however, if they continue to be involved in the GEMS and Cadet programs we understand that this may be their “night out” for church activities. We leave it up to the discretion of parents to decide. Our plan is to have 7 sessions from September to December and another 8 sessions from January to April.

Youth Group: Although each Faith Formation night is a “youth activity”, there may be certain nights or other days when an extra activity is scheduled. We will keep you informed as the year progresses.