Living Hope Explorers

Living Hope Explorers Program

We look forward to a new season of Explorers at Living Hope which will begin on Sunday September 8.  As you may know, Explorers is an educational program designed to help our children move from attending children Sunday School to joining with the rest of the congregation in Sunday morning worship.  In order to help them feel connected and engaged with worship (and in particular the preaching of God’s Word) the Explorers program aims to reach out children how to listen and learn from the sermon.

At Living Hope the Word of God is at the heart of out worship. Learning to hear and know ourselves in light of the gospel is essential for us as followers of Jesus Christ and citizens of his New Creation
May we teach our children well to hear and follow the way of Jesus.

We will meet each Sunday through the coming season. 

Ordinarily the class will continue approximately 10 minutes later than the conclusion of the worship service.  Please refrain from “knocking on the door” until dismissal because this interrupts the class

Thanks for your cooperation!,


Ages:  Grades 4 to 7
When:  Sunday mornings following the sermon
Contact Person: Linda VanBarneveld 519-869-8858