Nursery Coordinator Needed

The nursery at Living Hope is in need of a Nursery Coordinator.
You do not need to have children in the nursery to take this on. If you have a desire to continue to have our nursery be a fun and safe place for our little ones, this is for you.

Here is a brief outline of what the Nursery Coordinator does:
 Prepares nursery volunteer schedule and distributes to volunteers (every 2
 Recruits new nursery volunteers or Mothers of the Month as required
 Maintains LHCRC Nursery Group on Facebook and uses it to communicate
new developments and expectations
 Trains new volunteers on their duties and nursery policies
 Periodically reviews toys and supplies to ensure they are in good working
 Maintains a clean and safe nursery
Thank you to Carly VandenEnde who has done an amazing job as Nursery Coordinator over the past number of years.
Please contact the church office to volunteer.