The dates for the 7th Annual Nativity Walk at First CRC has been set for Friday, Dec. 6 and Saturday, Dec. 7. Watch for the invitations to arrive.
We are very interested in receiving more homemade nativity sets this year. We will be grouping them in one area. We especially welcome a story to accompany the set which tells us who made it, when it was made, and why it was made. You may use scrap material, wood, driftwood, yarn, fabric, wall hangings, or a painting. You may contact Nina VanderVaart, Linda Weening, or Diane Plug, if you like more information.

Combined Lessons and Carols Celebration

Sunday, December 1, 6:30 PM
Everyone is invited to a combined Lessons and Carols celebration service at Living Hope Church.
We look forward to having participants in the service from all three of our congregations and your presence will make this service a blessing for all of us.
Nursery will be provided. Come celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ whose birth we remember this season!


Prayer ministry at Living Hope is an opportunity for each person to be drawn into a closer relationship with our Father in heaven, and with each other. God is present with each person at all times, and desires to be in close fellowship with each one. As we share our joys and concerns with Him, He is pleased to hear and answer us and bless us. Each Sunday morning at 9:30, in the meeting room beside the office, offers a time to share our praise to God and express our joys and concerns. Also, with our prayer chain, we will bring specific matters before God’s throne. Please contact Elza Zomerman, Diane Borger, or Susan Schouten for further information or if you desire to be part of this prayer ministry.