Praise God that the family we are sponsoring from Syria has received final approval to come to Canada! We expect them
to arrive very soon. Thanks to you, we have most of the items needed to furnish their home here. If you would like to have the joy of welcoming this new family in some way, please contact a member of the Refugee Committee or a deacon.


What a fast summer this has been and it will soon be coming to an end. The summer Sunday school class has been busy learning Bible stories and having lots of fun. The fall Sunday school program is set to start September 8th and again the time has come for us to fill our teacher schedule for the new season.

This year the children will be split into two classes. The Ponder class is for children in JK to grade 1, and the Path class is for children in grade 2 and 3.

The Ponder class will again use the Noah’s Park program which they have been using for many years with much success. It is a 3-year program that takes the children through the Bible.

The Path class will be using the Fruit of the Spirit program. This program is filled with fun ways to learn about Galatians 5:22-23. Next year they will be learning about the Ten Commandments again.

We are going to try something different this year. It has been the opinion of many that one month is too

long to commit to teaching. We will try a two week sign up. You are still welcome to sign up for a month if that is what you prefer. The sign-up sheet is outside the nursery. We need teachers starting September 8th. Please sign up today so your material can be given to you early. Younger members who would like to be helpers are encouraged to speak to Della so that they can be placed in classrooms with the children on a rotating basis. In order to be eligible to be a helper you must have be in grade 7 or older. High school students remember to bring your volunteer sheets in so you can get credit for your hours.

If you have any questions about Sunday School please feel free to contact Della Croxford at

519-330 5220 (Monday to Friday please call after 5) or Thank you for your support of the Sunday School program.